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Helping Every Animal in the World!

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There are thousands of animal charities with the goal of helping animals that have come into an unfortunate situation for whatever reason. It can be difficult to choose just one of these charities to support so Global Animal Helpers aims to help as many as possible right around the world!


We start by searching for reputable charities that have plenty of evidence to suggest they are entirely legitimate and may appreciate our one-off donation. We contact them directly to give them the opportunity to inform you (the members) of what our donation may be used for.


Extensive research is put into every single charity selected to receive our donation each month. We are happy to receive requests from charities too as we hopefully grow and become more popular.

Using the link in the top, right hand corner of this page create a monthly "Subscription" with any amount you wish to contribute monthly. It starts from as little as £1.30, bearing in mind Paypal's transfer fees, at least a full GBP will reach our monthly donation collection. At the end of each month, the full collection will be donated towards the chosen monthly charity. Your chosen monthly donation will automatically leave your bank account until you cancel it at any time you'd like. No problems!

Every month Global Animal Helpers will choose an animal charity to make a one-off donation to. One month we could be helping stray dogs in Brazil, the next we could be supporting the plight of orphaned orangutans in Indonesia. Basically, if a reputable animal charity needs help then we will be there to make a contribution whether it be: wild animals, captive animals, farm animals or pets. You name it, we'll contribute. Thus, "Helping Every Animal in the World".

There are several crooked animal charities around but we aim to give you full and transparent reports about exactly where your money is going. We will do this by publishing our donators on our website, updated every month (you can choose not to be published under your real name) and that way the information is available to everyone, giving you ease of mind it will be dealt with accordingly.

Our Updates page will also keep you updated with our monthly donations and who they are going to. We will also ask each charity to provide some information about what our money goes towards, however this can not be promised from every charity.

Yes, if you know of a reputable animal charity, big or small, that would benefit from a one-off contribution from us, please feel free to send a request via email with a link to the charity's website for review and consideration. Also, if you would like to write an Update for us then that would be welcomed too.


If, at any time, you wish to contribute a little extra to one charity you may feel a little more compassionately towards or maybe you feel that you are not currently in a stable financial situation to sign up for a monthly subscription but you still wish to help and be involved in our project then there is an option to make a singular donation of you chosen amount to the right, above the moneky's head.

Global Animal Helpers donates 100% of donations to the chosen charity. This website and any other outside help is done purely on a volunteer basis.






* Please note that WE ARE NOT A REGISTERED CHARITY because we do not support a single goal. We are more like a membership club.

Make a one-off donation or choose your own monthly donation amount here.