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By Sian, Sep 11 2019 03:14AM

Hello to our amazing supporters!

We have made a donation of $15 (USD) with August's collection to, an ethical elephant charity dedicated to the care of Asian elephants. We have been rewarded with this lovely certificate for the donation we made. It's for all our dedicated followers that are making a small difference in so many animal's lives. I chose for the donation to go towards daily upkeep, such as food and bedding etc.

I'm sure you're already aware that elephants are such beautiful and emotional creatures. They have memory, family bonds and they mourn when they lose someone they love. All too often the sensitive nature of the elephant is abused by man, wanting to bend them into submission or hunting for ivory. All in the name of money.

Global Animal Helpers does NOT support riding elephants, as it is not only physically but also emotionally, damaging for them. Save Elephant Foundation douesn't permit elephant riding at their sanctuary, which is one of the reasons we chose to donate to them. If you're taking a holiday out in Asia and want to experience the majestic nature of these incredible beings then we would highly suggest that you do your research and visit an ethical sanctuary that will always put the elephant's health and interests first.

We implore you to set the example for tourists because cruelty will continue so long as there is business in it. Be like an elephant #neverforget.

Next month we will be looking into supporting a charity that has been affected badly by the forest fires in Brazil. Any suggestions always welcome!

Paws & Claws x

By Sian, Aug 7 2019 01:26AM

Hello to my Beloved Global Animal Helpers,

This month we have made a nice donation of $40 (AUD) to the Friend's of Leadbeaters Possum charity, an (pretty darn cute) animal in Australia that was thought to have been extinct until recently. Here's what they had to say regarding our donation:

Dear Global Animal Helpers,

Thank you very much for your generous donation of $40.00 in support of Friends of Leadbeater's Possum for the Help Save Leadbeater's Possum.

Where does the money go?

Leadbeater's Possum is Victoria's faunal emblem. They are now critically endangered due to loss of habitat from decades of clear fell logging and from the devastating 2009 bushfires. Their habitat range is now very limited stretching from Alpine areas around Lake Mountain, through the Mountain Ash forests of the Central Highlands and to a small remnant population in the lowland swamp forests in the Yellingbo Nature Conservation Reserve. Prior to the 2009 Black Saturday Bushfires, which burnt 42% of their prime habitat forest located in their Permanent Reserve System, their population was estimated to be 2,500 individuals. Post fire the estimates are closer to just 1,000 individuals left in the wild, with no animals in captivity.

In 2004, Friends of Leadbeater's Possum Inc. was established to raise awareness of the plight of Leadbeater's Possum and to represent their needs for survival in the wild. Since the start of the group we have successfully re-started the Leadbeater's Possum Recovery Team of experts to oversee their management needs, educated students in dozens of schools about their faunal emblem, raised funds for habitat enhancement in Yellingbo Reserve and supported almost 200 custom made recycled plastic nest box to be made and installed to provide addition nesting sites in their areas of degraded habitat.

We have a very active membership base of over 200 members. Our members help us deliver a wide range of activities including; outreach activities in our communities, visiting schools to deliver forest conservation education programs, installing and monitoring nest boxes in the forest, supplementary feeding in the wild for the few Leadbeater's who survived the bushfires on Lake Mountain, monitoring forest use and the impacts of clear fell logging in Leadbeater's areas and advocating on their behalf to government to stop the habitat destruction that is pushing them towards extinction.

We need to raise funds to support our programs over the next few years. Given the impact of the 2009 bushfires it is now very critical that we try and save all areas of remaining habitat from destruction to give them any chance of long term survival in the wild. To this end our group is focusing on three areas of action: Conservation, Education and Research.


Habitat enhancement activities: custom nest box manufacturing, installation and monitoring, tree planting

Ecological Surveys of forest areas to save them from logging

Advocacy campaigns to raise awareness of impacts to try and stop them

Development of a Reference Group for the Central Highlands Biodiversity Flagship Area


Community outreach (information stalls, promotional materials)

Broader outreach to all Victorian's at key environment festivals

Development and delivery of educational tools

Website management and promotion


Development of a research database as an online resource

Development of a research priorities strategy and networking opportunity

Grants to support new research projects in the forest to increase the amount of expertise available to contribute knowledge on population status, conservation needs and impacts.

For more information on Leadbeater's Possum, how our group is active in trying to save them in the wild and how you can get involved please visit our website on

How will the funds be used?

Funds raised will be used to support a range of our on-going programs, and also allow us to develop new ones for targeted needs under of three focus areas; Conservation, Education, Research.

Funds will be used to provide more on-ground conservation actions including habitat enhancement through tree planting or nest box installation. They will also support our advocacy efforts that may require external expertise in the form of aerial mapping or expert advice.

We will also use funds to support our community outreach efforts, including upcoming events at the Melbourne Museum and larger environment and sustainability festivals.

Funds will also be used to help train our volunteers for field activities, provide them with essential safety gear where required and increase the skills of our volunteers in program management promotion.

Funds raised will also allow us to engage qualified ecological consultants to conduct independent forest surveys to check for Leadbeater's habitat in areas available for logging, to provide us with the technical details required to try and stop the logging. These surveys are critical to saving habitat and are expensive for our group due to the technical expertise and legal indemnity involved.

All of our programs require overarching elements of program administration and promotion (website management, community events and new database development). While this is largely done by volunteers we would like to provide some opportunities to employ people to implement the more extensive projects (i.e. development of a research database). Many other grants will not cover wages but much of the work we do is very demanding and at personal cost to our volunteers and we feel it is fair to provide compensation for work done above and beyond the regular volunteer input level, and we believe this more formal approach will enable us to advance our programs in a more effective way.

** We are also interested in in-kind support for our program needs and would be happy to talk to people with professional skills in financial management, legal representation, website and database development etc. **

Key Areas of Expenditure

Website Management

Database Development

Volunteer Support (field equipment, training, transport)

Ecological Monitoring

Project Promotion (events, promotional materials)

Project Management

Looking forward to August's donation! Stay Tuned!

Paws & Claws

By Sian, Jul 14 2019 09:53AM

Dear Global Animal Helpers,

As I was back home in Scotland during the month of June, we decided to donate to a Scottish based charity. After some research and recommendation from a friend, we chose a small charity that focuses on rescuing and treating hedgehogs. Hedgehogs make up a big part of our wildlife, and let's face it, are incredibly cute.

We managed a total of £15 this month for the hedgehogs which the founder of the charity has thanked us for and told me it will be used for food or antibiotics. This is really small charity based in Rosyth so they are always in need of donations and support. They also gladly accept donations in the form of: towels, blankets, cat food (non fish), small cages, newspapers and food / water bowls. So if you have anything you'd like to donate you can find out more or get in touch with them directly via there website or facebook page.

Once again, we apologise for the delay this month but now we're back on track and we're planning on donating to an Australia based charity with July's collection. I will let you know more when I sort out the details.

Enjoy the rest of July animal lovers!

Paws & Claws x

By Sian, Jul 13 2019 01:22PM

Dear Global Animal Helpers,

After our donation of £12 to the horse, donkey and mule charity, Brook, we received a thank you email and then a special little postcard collection to thank us for donating, which we will be distributing to our members. Brook is a special charity as it not only helps poorly horses, donkeys and mules directly, but also works with communities who use these animals for work and educate them on how to treat the animals properly and respectfully, which is every animals right in life. They also do work all around the world which is one of GAH's main goals too. If you would like to learn more about this charity you can visit their website at:

We couldn't do this without our members, so rest assured your monthly donations really are going towards something worthwhile and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us achieve our vision to help every animal in the world!

Paws & Claws,

Global Animal Helpers

By Sian, May 13 2019 12:09PM

Dear Global Animal Helpers,

I would just like to inform you all that we received a Thank You email from Bali Animal Welfare Association (BAWA), the charity we made our April Donation to who are currently caring from Puppy Juno (see previous blog post). Please feel free to read the entire email below. We raised a total of $20 (USD) approx £16 during the month of April.

We're hoping to continue our work into May where we will be making a donation to

"Since 1934 Brooke has been improving the lives of vulnerable working horses, donkeys and mules, and the communities that depend on them. We work in some of the most challenging areas of the world to relieve immediate suffering and create lasting change."

If you are interested to find out more about our chosen charity then please check out their website. And if you're not alreadt a member, sign up now for as little as £1.30 per month and watch how something so small can mean so much to someone else.

Paws & Claws x

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