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You can follow all of our donations and chosen charities through our Updates blog. Don't forget to share with your friends so we CAN HELP EVERY ANIMAL IN THE WORLD!!!

By Sian, Apr 28 2019 12:22PM

Hi all,

Just shortly after GAH made their first donation to save the bees, I received a plea of help to help a little puppy, named Juno, who had been found injured in a local rice field in Bali. The little pupper was taken in by a good friend of mine, Bonnie - another animal angel, who works at Bali Animal Welfare Assossiation. However, Juno's extremely poor condition meant her vet bills were extremely high with a suspected broken leg and further issues with her eyes and general health. Bonnie was paying Juno's vet bills herself and desperately trying to raise some funds to ensure she got the care she desperately needed.

So, this month's donations will be going to BAWA to help with the care for baby, Juno and any other souls in their care. If you wish to learn more about this charity you can visit their website here:

Thank you everyone for your support,

Pawz and Clawz x

By Sian, Apr 3 2019 11:39AM

Hi All,

We are pleased to announce that we raised a total of £12 for our first chosen charity in March 2019! The charity we made our first donation to was to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, based throught the UK.

They have directly contacted as GAH to say thank you very much for the donation and told us some ways in which our donation may be used:

• Creating and restoring wildflower habitats in the areas where rare bumblebees need it most

• Encouraging bee-friendly gardening across the country

• Giving land managers, farmers and local communities practical advice on enhancing biodiversity for the benefit of bumblebees and other wild pollinators

• Working with schools to inspire our very youngest audiences about the wonders of nature and the amazing lives of bumblebees

• Conducting surveys, called BeeWalks, so that we can better understand where our bumblebees are and where they are not.

So we've had a good first month! A massive thank you to our members! You are the ones making this poosible. Ihope we can get a few more members for next month's donation.

Stay tuned to find out our chosen charity for April 2019!

Paws & Claws x

By Sian, Mar 6 2019 01:40AM

Greetings Animal Helpers,

After some thought and consideration about who to choose for our first donation, I have decided to go with a British Bumblebee Conservation Trust. This team are working hard, across various locations, to #savethebees. They provide education programs to teach children about why bee conservation is so important as well as working towards a safe and healthy environment for bees to prosper.

There is no doubt about how important bees are to our own wellbeing and we must highlight the plight of the honeybee and how urgent it is to protect the species. Here is and extract of the main vision for the Bumblebee Conservation Trust:

"Our vision is that everything we do will help to ensure our communities and countryside across the UK are rich in bumblebees and colourful wildflowers, supporting a diversity of wildlife and habitats for everyone to enjoy.

Our mission is to halt and then reverse the decline of bumblebees."

If you wish to learn more about the mission to #savethebees or want further information about our first donation charity please explore their website:

We will give a further update after the donation has been made.

Paws & Claws,

Global Animal Helpers

By guest, Mar 1 2019 05:00AM

When I was a little girl I was the co-founder of an Animal Lover's Club located in my neighbor's garden shed. I collected all my animal books (which would end up getting ruined in a roof leak and my mum would get mad at me) and I would write monthly news letters detailing all the ways we, all 3 members, had helped animals during that time. It was mostly filled with chat about our guinea pigs and in hindsight, we didn't actually really do that much to save animals. But our hearts were in the right place.

Now I have grown, my love for animals has not phased out. Now, I have actively supported and volunteered for a variety of animal charities from England to Indonesia! But it never feels like it's enough. I've always wanted to "help every animal in the world" and I finally had an idea where I may possibly be able to make that happen! It's no easy task and I call on everyone who loves animals to get involved in my project. So here it goes:

I would like to take a moment to welcome you to our club dedicated to helping animals all over the world: domestic, wild, captive, livestock WE ARE HERE FOR YOU. We do not descrimate here at Global Animal Helpers. Every species and every nationality deserves to be happy, healthy and respected.

A lot of animals around the world have found themselves in poor circumstances, mainly at the fault of humans. Therefore, it must be human's responsibility to support them in their time of need. They are the true innocents. Every single month, a different animal charity across the globe will receive a donation consisting of 100% of your monthly membership fees. There is nothing held back. Should you have a particular interest in the next months charity you may want to donate a little more than your monthly fee and that is possible through the ONE-OFF Donation link on the Home page. Please only give within your means.

Global Animal Helpers is officially being launched as of TODAY, Friday 1st March 2019 with the first donation being made on March 31st. We will update you all shortly with news of our first charity contribution so make sure you sign up and follow us through our journey from the very start! Don't forget to share with your animal loving friends too!

Paws & Claws x

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