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By Sian, Sep 11 2019 03:14AM

Hello to our amazing supporters!

We have made a donation of $15 (USD) with August's collection to, an ethical elephant charity dedicated to the care of Asian elephants. We have been rewarded with this lovely certificate for the donation we made. It's for all our dedicated followers that are making a small difference in so many animal's lives. I chose for the donation to go towards daily upkeep, such as food and bedding etc.

I'm sure you're already aware that elephants are such beautiful and emotional creatures. They have memory, family bonds and they mourn when they lose someone they love. All too often the sensitive nature of the elephant is abused by man, wanting to bend them into submission or hunting for ivory. All in the name of money.

Global Animal Helpers does NOT support riding elephants, as it is not only physically but also emotionally, damaging for them. Save Elephant Foundation douesn't permit elephant riding at their sanctuary, which is one of the reasons we chose to donate to them. If you're taking a holiday out in Asia and want to experience the majestic nature of these incredible beings then we would highly suggest that you do your research and visit an ethical sanctuary that will always put the elephant's health and interests first.

We implore you to set the example for tourists because cruelty will continue so long as there is business in it. Be like an elephant #neverforget.

Next month we will be looking into supporting a charity that has been affected badly by the forest fires in Brazil. Any suggestions always welcome!

Paws & Claws x

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